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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  March 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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this morning. good morning everyone. >> we start with some breaking news, we're getting reports of strong earthquakes rocked northern japan. >> it is listed as a 6.0 magnitude and so far a tsunami warning has not been issued. no initial reports of any damages or injuries but we will bring you the very latest. >> this morning we're keeping an eye on the storm as another band of rain and snow gets ready to move into our area >> high-definition doppler radar is showing some pretty bright colors this morning in light to moderate rain showing up across the bay area. the yellow stuff is the heavier cells making their way across the area. it looks like the rain is coming down heaviest right now in parts of the north bay.
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be extra careful if you are about to start your morning commute and make sure you carry your rain year as well. we have a low pressure system sitting over the bay area bringing us some pretty windy conditions as well. it looks like the wind will pick up throughout the course of the afternoon. were pinpoint forecasts, temperatures will be on the cooler side, mostly on the upper fifties to low 60s. a little bit cooler today than what we saw yesterday and once again, we expect a rain showers to slowly taper off over the course of the evening and more rain on wednesday, clearing on thursday and friday but saturday, a better chance of rain across the entire bay area and then clearing by the end of the following weekend. we will have much more weather for you. >> she was talking about windy
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conditions, so chp has issued a wind advisory for the bay bridge. here is a live look at one of our cameras shaking around so use caution especially as you cross the upper deck into san francisco. we do have word of a broken- down vehicles near treasure island so that might slow you down just a little bit. harrison and 24 street, possible lanes blocked through their but the rest of the east bay is not bad. a 80 both directions not showing any delays and so far the golden gate bridge is clear all the way into san francisco. we do have roadwork to report on one of the bridges and i will have details on that coming up in just a few minutes >> today volunteers join in the search for sierra lamar who has been missing for 11 days. law-enforcement officials have search near the girls home and school past several days. the class kids foundation for children is getting volunteered. they're organizing community
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searches today through sunday. the foundation was founded after mark klass after his 12 year-old daughter polly was kidnapped from her home in 1993. he points out some other kidnap girls have been recovered. >> people always have to remember that as bleak as things can look, there are jaycee lee dugard and elizabeth's martz out there who after some period of time to come home and are able to put their lives on the right track. >> the only clues investigators have found so far are cell phones and her purse with folded clothing inside. we have intimation on how you can help at cbs s.f. dot com >> the suspect in san francisco mass murder has a criminal history and an immigration judge ordered him deported years ago. he is accused of murdering five people in a san francisco home last week. in 2006 a judge ordered him
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deported back to vietnam but the vietnamese government did not provide the necessary documents. under u.s. law aliens who face deportation orders cannot be held for more than 180 days so federal immigration officials had to release him. >> it is a tragedy that because of the flaw in the system would have things like this happen >> he now remains in custody in connection with the san francisco murders. it is said that it appears the victims died from blunt force trauma but the medical examiner has not yet determined the cause of death. newly released records reveal more permission about a murder case in the berkeley hills. a man was bludgeoned last month in the highway, driveway of his own. transcripts obtained by the chronicle say he had asked police for quick help with an oddly behaving intruder, that was about 15 minutes before he was believed to have been
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killed. the response might have been delayed as officers dealt with and occupy protest >> one person has been rushed to hospital after a stabbing at the san francisco's occupy encampment. the victim was cut in the knack late last night. so far, no reports of any suspects. this comes one day after another person was stabbed in the same location. police are still looking for a suspect in that case. >> the parents of trayvon martin are expected to take place on a crime in the parents express their pain at a hearing in front of local officials last night. the teenager was shot and killed last month in stamford florida. in neighborhood watch capt. says he shot him in self- defense. the orlando sentinel says that the zimmerman says he was walking to his car when martin attacked him >> george felt like in believed
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with all his heart that he had to make a decision to defend himself in to save his life. >> it has also surfaced that martin was serving a school suspension after being found in possession of an empty plastic bag with marijuana residue but his family says that has nothing to do with the shooting. >> republican front runner mitt romney has another day of fund- raising in california today. it is a fund-raising trip that began in san diego yesterday. romney had a fund-raising dinner in redwood city last night. tickets range from 1000-$2,500. a hopeful hopefully did not see a few dozen protesters outside. romney supporters are calling on newt gingrich and rick santorum to drop out of the race
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and support romney as the nominee. mitt romney does not win the nomination it will be wide open. >> emotions are running high on both sides of the political fence
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>> talked-about smash and grab, this was all caught on camera at a jewelry store. thieves used a stolen s-u-v to smash through the front before grabbing as much as they could and then taking off. then managed to escape police in a car and on foot. the store's owner says the most expensive jewelry was not taken because it was in the vaults >> stocks have one of the biggest rallies of the year after ben bernanke suggested that interest rates will remain low for a long time. the job market remains weak despite a pickup in hiring. analysts say his comments are likely to keep the fed's
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interest rates near 0. california is no. 1 in not hiring. numbers from the bureau of labor statistics show the state lost the most private sector jobs in the country over the last four years. california dropped more than 855,000 jobs between january 2008 and 2012, a drop of more than 6% >> the u.s. supreme court might take up a case that would have a huge impact in the bay area, rent control. court will decide whether to hear a case from a property owner in manhattan who says some of his tenants pay much less than the units are worth. the court is expected to decide next month whether to take the case. >> state utility regulators want to open a public access to more documents including safety records of natural gas pipelines. the move would allow all
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citizens to see investigation reports on natural gas pipelines and safety audits of utilities including pg&e. it comes as state senator linda yee is pushing to repeal a 50 year-old law that blocks access. the metropolitan transportation commission is set to vote tomorrow on whether to recommend $457 million of federal funding towards the project to electrify cal train. the total cost is estimated at $1.5 billion. electrification of the tracks would like outran replace its current diesel trains. it is intended to speed up service, reduce noise and help the environment and it would also pave the way for a high- speed rail to share the court from san francisco to san jose. san francisco's board of supervisors is expected to vote on a deal today regarding the america's cup yacht race. it is expected to be the last major hurdle for hosting the
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event. >> lottery investigator is examining some surveillance video that the ticket purchased in mount be worth $260,000. the video shows emily leach buying a beer and some lottery tickets for everyone in the store. this after people having recognizer as winning a $1 million before. now she says that since she paid for the ticket and the winnings are hers >> i paid for the ticket no more. >> >> the lottery commission will hold on to the money until a judge decides exactly what happens next >> so by your own lottery ticket and keep it
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>> some good news for chocolate fanatics, how it could make the thinner >> an unusual and dramatic rescue caught on camera. out firefighters got a horse out of an old septic tank >> a fast and furious tail for one woman who got busted for speeding three times in less than one hour >> look how busy high-definition doppler radar is. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> let's look at high-definition doppler radar if you are about to an outside, you will
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encounter rain showers and some pretty windy conditions. pretty much all the bay area seeing at least sprinkles right now. the heaviest is coming down in the north bay. really all on 101. the wind will also be pretty gusty at times so if you're heading out the door, showers and gusty wind another cool day on tap. the rain will pick up and the wind will pick up as the day progresses. umbrellas and raincoats are needed. the low pressure is not going anywhere for the next few days so we time it out with future cast and you can see scattered showers throughout the course of the day. the evening commute will be even better and we year as well. it looks like the conditions stick around through tomorrow and then we dryout for thursday
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and friday but in the meantime, the santa cruz mountains could see more rain, the no. 8, 3 in.. little bit less along the peninsula. depending on where you are in the bay area, that is how much rain you will see. for later today, temperatures will mostly be in the upper 50s to the very low 60s. again, you will need your rain gear for tomorrow as well. partly cloudy skies thursday and friday. there will be a slight chance of rain thursday and friday. a better chance of rain for everybody on saturday. it will be a quick storm system moving through and it looks like we clear out by sunday and monday. >> on want to see some sunshine
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>> you might see some sunshine on thursday. >> because of the windy conditions chp has issued a wind advisory but only for the bay bridge. give yourself some extra time, it is still pretty early. we had an earlier stalled vehicle that has cleared. the upper deck is not doing too badly but it is pretty windy out there. we did have an earlier stalled vehicle near treasure island. it looks like things are moving nicely as you work across the lower deck into oakland. 880 is not too bad, if you are heading southbound traffic is looking pretty good. checking your drive coming across the san mateo bridge, you can see both directions: not too bad. when you get to 101 northbound, we have some overnight road work
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that is being cleared. traffic actually looks good along the peninsula. overnight road work in the dumbarton bridge but that is in the clearing stages and that should be wrapped up in the next 10 minutes. the golden gate bridge, no major snags to report. it's really nice ride so far out of marin county. 580 is looking good. we're clear southbound 101 all the way to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. earlier we had an accident on harrison and 24th street but that is completely cleared out of the roadway 580 is also checking in problem free. no problems in the south bay also. watts of green on the sensors is how we like it. northbound 101, slight delays
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on the side but it looks like that is only the sensors updating. here is the first live look at conditions through milpitas on 237. don't forget when you pop in your car to check with our radio partners. >> a woman from the bay area is out of jail this morning after police caught her speeding three times in one hour. officers arrested 53 year-old wind gomez of a word saturday night and yuba county. the first time officers clocker go and 103 mi. an hour on highway 70. 20 minutes later they say she was flying at 105. about 40 minutes later officers say she slowed down but was still going 76 in a 55 m.p.h. zone. the officer arrested her for reckless driving.
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>> i didn't know, i've never driven 100 m.p.h. so i didn't know my car could even do that but i was not worried about that. i was worried about my mother. >> she said she was speeding to help her 79 year-old mother who had fallen on her bad knee. she had to pay $4 just to get her car back and she will need to pay more in fines >> she is going to the racetrack to race now. the price of gas is not likely to come down anytime soon but there are some steps you can take to improve your gas mileage. the right tire pressure improves fuel efficiency. other tips include regular tuneups and changing dirty air filters of the engine is not working too hard. also stay the speed limit and go in only 5 mi. over is like paying an extra 24ยข per gallon. >> sitting too long might
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increase your risk of dying. researchers in australia followed to under a thousand people 45 and older and found that those who sat at least 11 hours per day or 40 percent more likely to die within three years. the average person spends about 90 percent of their leisure time sitting. doctors believe that stress might play a role in alzheimer's disease. a new study on mice found that chronic stress can trigger the growth of proteins in brain cells which have been linked to alzheimer's. researchers say the effect was most noticeable in the region of the brain that collects memories. good news for chocolate lovers, a new study in the archives of internal medicine fine people to eat a lot of chocolate actually weigh less. previous studies show that antioxidants in dark chocolate can be good for the heart and researchers say more studies are needed before it could be considered a dieting food. >> the documentary film bully
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will be released unrated. the wants the company announced today that the film is moving past the r rating given for language. thousands of people signed an on-line petition to lower the rating to let kids see the film. it will hit theaters march 30th but with no rating some theaters might choose not to show the film at all. an amazing rescue, on tape >> firefighters in oregon jumped into action after a horse fell into an old septic tank. of course almost died after she fell into a septic tank and firefighters had to get creative to try to get her out. fire and rescue did not have much time but they did have a lot of fire hose. i wish we could hear what he is saying. >> allot of hoses that very little sound >> the owner says that
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thankfully the horse is doing fine. southwest airlines raises ticket prices again. >> we shall overcome >> protesters would like to see an arrest in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin but new details show the incident is not so cut and dry. the latest, coming up >> volunteer search for a missing morgan hill teenager gets under,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we have rain and snow on the way. what we expect from this latest round of wet weather


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